what we do

We treat your laundry with love.

Dodobi2u offers best dry cleaning services in Malaysia. We provide dry cleaning, laundry with ironing, curtains and rug cleaning.

Just drop in or book a laundry pick up online. Hands-on management and staff training are our top priority. We ensure best outcome of your garments, curtains dressing, rug cleaning experience. We also offer garment repair and alteration services via our outlets.

We use advance and ecological friendly dry-cleaning technique and technologies for a wide range of laundry and dry-cleaning service.

Our professional team will inspect, study, dismantle, clean and install your curtains. Personalize service is available to handle curtains and carpets.

All items received are meticulously inspected and any minor faults such as loose buttons, seams are mended.

what people say

We’ve been involved in creating a sweet Solutions

We care for you, we care for your family. Let us take care of your laundry, save you time to spend on what matters.
- Xie Zhuang, CEO of DoDobi Holding Berhad
With more than 5 years of experience in garment handling of laundry and dry cleaning, we redefined the dry cleaning experience by giving you excellent service with quality results using our environmentally friendly technology.
- Nanthini Devi,CMO of Dodobi Holding Berhad
Dodobi2u is one of our best products. It convenient and hassle-free laundy service, tackle your dry cleaning and laundry needs.
- Nur Syazwani, CFO of Dodobi Holding Berhad
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